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How to Turn Military Experience Into College Credit

How to Save Time & Cash Using Military Experience for College Credits

If you have ever served in the military, then you may or...

Online College: How to Get In, Get Out, and Get On With Life

Let’s be honest.


Some people love learning and don't mind spending many years in school and paying into the six figures for...

Are Federal Grants Available for Online Students Too?

Whether you have already decided to pursue an online degree or are still trying to decide if it is the right option for you,...

College Should Not Be a Debt Sentence

The Growing Student Loan Debt Bubble Solution

During this election cycle, American citizens are increasingly leaning on...

6 ABTU Bachelor's Programs Now Accepting Federal Student Aid

"For those of you needing to take your education and expertise to another level, we are excited to offer you the same...

4 Reasons You Don’t Need To Go Into Debt for a College Education

Did you know?

Over 70% of college students that graduated last year had student loan debt!

In fact, the average student...