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ABTU Featured in Education Magazine

Jordan Cox
By Jordan Cox - Feb 20, 2018 12:39:00 PM
ABTU Featured in Knowledge Review Magazine

'10 Most Valuable Online Colleges' of 2017 


ABTU is honored to share the news of being one of the colleges recognized in the most recent issue of Knowledge Review magazine. Knowledge Review is an international magazine centered on education by showcasing the best universities around the world. The magazine is geared to target individuals seeking colleges as well as educators themselves continuously striving to impact the lives of others during their educational journeys.  

American Business & Technology University (ABTU) provides one of the most interactive distance education models in the industry while being among the most affordable ones. ABTU emphasizes on delivering an online learning experience which is at par with that of a traditional classroom and no less. -Knowledge Review 

In the recent article, a selected group of colleges were chosen to be listed as the 10 Most Valuable Online

Colleges of 2017. A few other colleges recognized along with ABTU include Eastern New Mexico

University, Southern New Hampshire, and Western Illinois. The selection process is based on the 

outstanding qualities of online colleges that have understood the importance of advanced technology 

that has made a strong impact throughout the world. Because of the ongoing need to enhance skills 

JoeSnappStudios-ABTU-Headshots-15surrounding technology, the selected

colleges based on this recognition along

with many others have created an online

platform to expand ways of receiving  

quality education and for institutes to

reach prospective students outside their


As new technology is fuelling online education adoption and enabling it to be very effective, millions of students has swelled in at least one online course. This evolution from distance learning to online education is trending in the main stream population of college and university students. -Knowledge Review 


The preference of an online platform 

over a brick and mortar institution has  

increased significantly over the

years. Many seek the relief of an online

platform to better balance their

education along with everyday life such

as keeping up with work and family.

Students that reach out, looking to begin or finish their educational journey here at ABTU, all have similar

expectations when searching for the right college. Knowing the main qualities and needs of prospective

students has allowed ABTU to implement the most important assets such as

  • Quality 

  • Support 

  • Affordability 

  • Convenience 

To learn more information on Knowledge Review and to read the full article on our recognition, please

visit: Knowledge Review


Media Contact:

Jordan Cox 

Phone: 816-279-7000 ext: 1204

Email: jordan.cox@abtu.edu 

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