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  • Nora is a bright, young computer programming student at ABTU. This is her story...

This is our first in a series highlighting stories of students at ABTU. We hope you find them inspirational and encouraging!


Hi, Nora. Please start by letting us know what you’re studying at ABTU, when you started, and when you expect to graduate...

Nora: I’m currently studying Computer Programming and Systems Design after spending some time in Health Information Technology. I started at ABTU last February and should graduate sometime in the next 12 to 18 months!


Congratulations, you’re almost there! Tell us about your career so far and why you decided to go back to school...

Nora: We found out in January that our three year old daughter has hearing loss, so I made the tough decision to leave my job in the customer service industry to be there for her as well as focus full-time on my studies.

I went back to school because I wanted to get my degree while my daughter is still young, and I wanted to show my her that no matter what I didn't give up. The plan is that when she’s a little older I’ll be able to get a job as a computer programmer.


I'm sure your daughter is very proud of you! What made you choose ABTU?

Nora: I did a lot of research online and fortunately came across ABTU. I’m so happy I chose ABTU as I don’t believe I could have found a better school where they also treat me like family!

It’s just the right size – large enough that we have interesting class discussions and also meet new people  but also small enough that the faculty and staff can get to know us as individuals too.

ABTU is also DEAC accredited which means that I can be sure my degree will be recognized by employers or other universities in the future.

Most importantly though, it’s affordable.

We are down to one salary now and ABTU’s low tuition means that with a little budgeting and their grants and scholarships, I should graduate without any student debt, which is obviously a huge plus.


How does attending class fit into your work and family life?

Nora: I’m able to schedule time for school during the week while my daughter has speech therapy and also do school work and attend class around my family life. If attending live class doesn't work out for whatever reason, I watch or listen to the recorded lectures later and it all works perfectly for me and my family.


What do you like best about your experience so far?

Nora: I love that no matter what, I have support. I never feel like I’m in over my head or that I’m alone in this journey. The faculty is always there for me and will tutor me when I need it. The school staff are kind and supportive, too. And of course, I’ve made great friends with my classmates – even though they’re online, we’ve still been able to have fun and support each other.


Any advice for parents as they consider going back to school?

I would tell any working moms or stay at home parents that they should absolutely go back to school! There is no time like the present and the flexibility of online education will make it possible. I know it seems difficult to add something else to your plate, but taking classes one step at a time, at a pace that suits you, will only help in the long run. And before you know it, you’ll have your degree and it’ll all be worth it.


Thanks for making the time to chat with us, Nora. We look forward to helping you cross the finish line!

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