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Summer is here: we are all looking forward to taking a break, having a little down time or possibly taking a vacation. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should put your job search on hold. It is important that you stay on course so you can land that job that is waiting for you. If you are currently employed, these suggestions will keep you at the top of your game and ready for any opportunity that may come your way. 

Consider some of these suggestions as ways to keep your job search going during the summer months.

  1. Update your resume and your LinkedIn profile

It’s important to always have your resume and your LinkedIn profile current and up-to-date with projects, contributions, and achievements. Summer is a great time for reflecting on the work you have done over recent months and leveraging those accomplishments to have a focus-driven resume and LinkedIn profile. Keep in mind: your resume is viewable by only a hand-select number of readers, but your LinkedIn profile is viewable by a greater geographic population. Do not underestimate the power of LinkedIn for your job search potential.  Potential employers will view your profile - - often times before they even ready your resume.


  1. Attend networking events and schedule lunch meetings

Summer is a great time to be more social. Attend professional events, business happy hours, and ramp up your networking opportunities. Connect with old colleagues over lunch, and seek out the potential for informational meetings at companies where you may be interested in working. Since things are a bit more casual and laid back in the summertime, seek out opportunities for getting more connected.

  1. Re-focus your strategies by volunteering

The beautiful summer weather is great motivation for engaging in new volunteer opportunities. Consider the potential for making new contacts and adding volunteer projects to your resume and LinkedIn profile (which you are already updating). Get involved: use your time wisely and to your benefit.

You may find volunteer opportunities that naturally fit with your career aspirations. For example, you may want to volunteer in a senior citizen’s home or hospice if you want to become a nurse. Important to note: Studies suggest that no matter what volunteer position you pursue, it will increase your chances of finding employment.

  1. Re-evaluate and reach out

Spend the summer re-evaluating your current role. What skills are you generating through your current role? What skills do you want to build upon? Research options for gaining those skills. LinkedIn is a great resource for connecting with recruiters to see if new projects or opportunities might be available to expand your skills.

Don’t let the summer be a distraction or setback for you. Reclaim your focus and regroup on where you would like to go next in your career.

  1. You may want to consider freelancing

Consider what skills you have and start marketing them to potential clients. Writing, designing, translating, and computer programming are all talents ideally suited to freelancing. Even short-term opportunities will help you beef up your resume, gain experience, and build important business relationships.