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e-Hired Tips

Debra Hayes
By Debra Hayes - Nov 21, 2017 12:17:13 PM


- - Tips to help you navigate your e-Hired profile - - 

Left menu tab Sub-tab Options
Your profile Edit profile
  • Availability for work (open, part-time, seasonal, temporary)
  • Salary range can be added (default is negotiable)
  • Add skills if appropriate
  Upload profile picture
  • The program defaults to a stock photo - customize with your photo if desired
 Your Resume  
  • View your resume
  • Upload a different resume (suggested if you are looking for an entry level position or changing career direction)
  • Remove your resume from e-Hired
  • Resume builder (add to the default resume that e-Hired starts for you)
 Contact Information  
  • If you move, change your zip code so that you start receiving job postings for your new location
 Subscribe / Unsubscribe General
  • Subscribe / unsubscribe from e-Hired general information, account notifications, school announcements, and / or school alerts
  Job Leads
  • Subscribe / unsubscribe from weekly job leads
 Job Leads Setup  
  •  Add additional zip codes for job postings
  • Enter additional programs if applicable
  • Add an additional email if you want to receive notifications at a different email address
  Customize Job Search 
  • Change the search radius (default is 50 miles)
  • Delete / add job titles
  • Change the search location
  • Adjust the job industry
Job Leads Report  
  • You can download and print the jobs that have been sent to you - - or review job postings again