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Have You Ever Wished You Could Get College Credit for IT Training?

In recent years, Cyber Security has grown into a high-demand profession with a magnitude of job opportunities to follow. This seems like a dream come true for cyber security teams, right? Not entirely....

Although many IT cyber security positions are available, there are a limited amount of individuals sufficiently trained to fill the role. Mike Chapple, Senior Director for IT service Delivery at the University of Notre Dame, puts the gap in perspective between individuals who are qualified by training and open positions in the field:

“If every single adult in the state of Arizona quit their jobs today and trained to become an information security professional, the industry would still be short about 200,000 qualified individuals."

Talk about a shortage!

The shortage of skilled individuals have obviously put a massive strain on the IT security industry over recent years. The desperate demand shows the importance of this industry's existence as it involves keeping computer systems and information protected from numerous cyber threats and attacks worldwide.


Because of the skill shortage, more training options have surfaced and thanks to widespread access to the internet, aspiring IT security professionals can now obtain qualified instruction and a variety of specialized certifications online. And now, ABTU has teamed with Cyber Training 365 to offer additional opportunities for students to transfer this cutting-edge IT training and knowledge into bonafide college credits.

Who is Cyber Training 365?

Cyber Training 365 is an online academy that provides over 1,000 self-paced training courses in various areas within the cyber career field such as CompTia certifications, ethical hacker training, threat protection, malware analysis, and much more. These training courses are not only for single individuals; cyber security teams of all sizes can use the training to improve their teams as well. Students are able to earn up to 30 credits for approved training courses. Even courses that have been completed within the past 3-5 years can be applied. As a University, ABTU is honored to partner with Cyber Training 365 to offer the courses needed to gain that competitive advantage within the fast-changing and growing IT profession.

Click here for more information regarding American Business & Technology University's partnership with Cyber Training 365.

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