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Have you ever said to yourself:

“College costs too much for me to be able to afford it?”

It's easy to fall into this trap...

After all, everywhere we look, we're told that for most of us, a quality education is simply out of reach.

But did you also know that this belief is an outright lie?

In fact, there are billions of dollars available for grants and scholarships that can help qualifying adults finish their degree without having to rely on any student loans to do so!

Grants, coupled with school-specific discounts and scholarships, all of a sudden makes the right school for you very affordable and for those that qualify, can even mean zero-out-of-pocket cost.

Some of the grants and funding that we access for our students at ABTU are outlined below. You may qualify too, if you can say YES to any of the below items:

  1. Your adjusted household income is less than $55,000

  2. You were recently laid off from your job

  3. You are a single parent

  4. You have a part time job or are underemployed

  5. You live in an area without access to affordable education

  6. You have a disability or were recently injured

  7. You are a veteran of the US Armed Forces

  8. You are an active duty servicemember

  9. You are a spouse of an active duty servicemember or veteran

  10. Your employer offers tuition reimbursement, but it doesn't cover the whole cost of your tuition



But even if these don't work for you, other funding may also exist depending on your individual circumstances. To find out more, speak with an admissions coordinator at your school of choice for more details.

If you'd like to find out more about how you can apply these grants to your education at ABTU, CLICK HERE to let us know.

If you prefer immediate assistance, speak with us LIVE via our online chat or get ahold of one of our helpful admissions coordinators at 1-800-804-1388.