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As you well know, today being Veterans Day is a special day for all Americans, for all of us at ABTU, and so many more. For me, Veterans Day isn’t just a holiday to be celebrated and commemorated only in the United States, but across the entire globe.

Politics aside, many countries owe a debt of gratitude to the United States military servicemen and women that have willfully and bravely served in the face of danger to protect the innocent and make sure the guilty are brought to justice.

I have gotten to experience the saving grace of the US military firsthand.

"23 years ago, military servicemen and women were sent to protect myself, my family, and multitudes of others that found themselves in harm’s way seemingly overnight…."



To see what Veterans Day means to myself and my family, watch this special video tribute to those whom have served proudly in the United States military.

(Can't play the video? Watch it on YouTube here

What is your story? Share it with us below!


ABTU's Commitment to Veterans and Active Duty Military Personnel

We as a university and as a family are forever grateful and indebted to United States military servicemen and women. As such, we make it one of our chief aims as a university to provide affordable and flexible higher education opportunities for those who have served, are currently serving, as well as their families.

To learn more about these specific programs, please visit the following pages:

GI Bill

If you would like to learn more or have questions about any of these programs, an ABTU representative will be glad to assist you. Simply fill out the short contact request form on the corresponding page link above.