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Both online colleges and traditional colleges ultimately have the same goal in mind – to educate students and to award degrees, right? While these two goals may be the same, this is essentially where the similarities stop. 

Basics of Online College Instruction

If you have never taken an online course you have yet to experience how online colleges differ from traditional ones. Below are a few of the basics involved in online college instruction.

  • With online courses, all quizzes, lectures, tests and a large portion of the reading isl done over the Internet.
  • Correspondence between instructors and students is usually done through email, live chat or telephone.
  • Online classes offer more flexibility than traditional classes as students can participate from anywhere, as long as they have an Internet connection.

Have a busy schedule? Online college may be the right choice for you.


 As people look for alternative ways to attain a college degree, online colleges have gained in popularity.

Advantages of Online Colleges

Students are continuing to turn to online education due to the large amount of advantages that can be seen from going to school online.
  • Cost – The single largest advantage of online colleges is the much  compared to traditional colleges.  By reducing overhead through conducting classes online, online colleges do not have to worry about the huge costs that are associated with physical coPikiWiki_Israel_32304_The_Internet_Messenger_by_Buky_Schwartzllege campuses around the country.
  • Location independence – There has been a increase in the workforce of people looking for jobs whichcan be done from literally anywhere. Some people are no longer satisfied with being in the same area or community for years on end and therefore can receive their college degree completely online while traveling theworld.
  • No Commuting – Are you tired of commuting to campus to sit through hours of lectures?  With online colleges, commuting will be a thing of the past.
  • Textbooks and Course Materials – With some online courses all of your coursework and textbooks will be available online and included in your online college tuition.
  • Easily Review Material – Many online colleges offer options to watch recorded lectures multiple times to ensure that you are able to grasp difficult concepts.
  • Individualized Pace of Learning – We all learn at difference paces. Online education allows you to learn at your own pace, without the added pressure of missing material or falling behind that is often seen in traditional education. 
  • Cutting Edge Technology – Online colleges utilize the latest technologies to ensure that students are able to learn effectively.  Some of the more common technologies used include: 

    • Discussion forums
    • Virtual lectures
    • Web videos
    • Interactive calendars
    • Group messaging
    • Online textbooks and libraries 


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