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Is Online College Right for You?

Lute Atieh
By Lute Atieh - Jan 9, 2016 7:22:00 PM

A few short years ago if you wanted to go back to school, you were forced to enroll in a traditional college and try to find time in your busy schedule to attend expensive classes, sit for exams and schedule office hours with professors on campus if you needed help outside of class.  

Thankfully there is another way. Online colleges have made education more convenient, affordable, and rewarding than ever before.



The number of students that are enrolling in online colleges has been growing consistently over the past decade. This is great news as more people realize that pursuing a degree does not have to mean that you must also sacrifice other priorities in life.


If you are trying to decide whether online education is a good fit for you, consider asking yourself the following questions.

Do you enjoy technology?

Online colleges utilize some of the latest technology to ensure that you can access all of the required materials you need for your online education to be a success. Some of the common types of technology that are used by online colleges include:

  • Online forums for collaborating with peers and instructors
  • Streaming video, audio and even podcasts
  • Online tests and quizzes
  • Electronic textbooks and lecture materials

If you enjoy working with computers and find yourself constantly searching online for information on a variety of topics - online education may be perfect for you. While obtaining your degree online takes some dedication, it also offers a large amount of flexibility so that you can learn at your own pace.

Do you learn better outside of the classroom?


Earlier in life did you struggle to learn effectively in the classroom? If so, online education may offer you a new way to learn free from many of the distractions posed by a traditional education setting.

Online colleges and universities allow you to literally learn from anywhere with an internet connection.

If you find that you can only learn effectively in a traditional school setting, then some online schools may not be right for you. Taking classes online requires dedication and the ability to manage your time to ensure that you are spending sufficient amounts of time on your coursework. To make this easier, ABTU offers a 100% online and live interactive environment that creates a "virtual" classroom setting similar to what you would find in person at a traditional institution.

While online education is not for everyone, a large number of college students are realizing that advances in technology allows for many benefits to attending school online.

Are you self motivated?

Online education requires a certain level of self motivation to ensure that you finish your assignments on time to avoid falling behind.  While traditional colleges typically have lecture times and a bit more structure, it is also just as easy to skip college courses being held on a traditional campus.

If you require accountability and need someone to keep you motivated, ABTU assigns each student with a Success Advisor. This ABTU team member is there to help keep you on track and make sure your online education experience is a positive and productive one. 

With online education you will have the opportunity for collaboration with students and instructors, but it will be online as opposed to being in the classroom. If you think that you need in-person interaction with your peers or instructors, and flexible scheduling is not a concern, then you may want to weigh your options of whether online education is a good fit for you.



Need help deciding if online education is right for you? We'll be glad to help talk you through your options.

Download this complimentary report on "5 Essential Tips When Searching for an Online College" to learn more.


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At American Business & Technology University we are committed to furthering online education across the world. While we are confident that most can benefit from online education, we also want you to find the school that works best for your style of learning. To learn more about how ABTU does online education and the programs offered, contact our admissions office today at (800) 804-1388.

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