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If you are the point in your life where you're looking to obtain your college degree, you have many options that require some serious thought and consideration. This article is written in hopes of helping you think through some of those decisions.

For instance, some schools are certainly a better fit than others for your particular learning style.

One factor you face as a student of today compared to those in previous decades is, you also get to choose whether you attend school online or go to a traditional college. In both instances you attend lectures, take tests and work with other students to achieve your educational goals. Recent advancements in technology, however, has helped to bridge the gap between what brick and mortar schools and online colleges can offer.

As you will see in this article, attending school online offers a variety of benefits that the traditional college route does not.


Benefits of Attending College Online 

Price is one of the obviously major factors that contributes to many students choosing to attend college online. Because of the ability to use technology and further reduce overhead expenses, students of online colleges are able to attend school for much less than if they went to a traditional brick and mortar institution.

According to College Board, the recommended budget for an in-state public college averages out to be $22,826. A budget for a out-of-state public college averages $44,750.


It's important to note these figures are based on yearly costs. Compare that to an entire AAS degree from ABTU, which at the time of writing this article you could expect to spend around $17,440.


It doesn't take long to see why online colleges or universities are an attractive alternative to what higher education is traditionally known to involve.


Variety of Programs

At online schools like ABTU, you have a wide variety of options when it comes to degree programs to choose from. As online education has continued to grow, so have the programs and opportunities for prospective students. In today's technologically driven world, you are now able to find an accredited online program in the field you desire, at a price you can afford.


Financial Aid


ABTU has several ways we help our students acheive their educational goals. One of these ways are the various discounts and funding sources we provide access to. Some students do not realize that just because their college is online that they can still apply and receive financial aid in the same manner as traditional students.

Many online colleges also offer matching grants and other financial aid options which makes it possible to go to college without using student loans.

At ABTU we work with students to receive financial assistance through a variety of funding sources and discounts to ensure our students don't get saddled with student loan debt. A few of these sources are listed below:

-  Corporate Reimbursement
-  Vocational Rehab
-  Military Tuition Assistance Program

Comfortable Learning Environment

In addition to affordability, online education also offers students the ability to study and "attend" class from literally anywhere with an internet connection. With no physical class to attend, students can watch lectures online from their favorite coffee shop and read and complete assignments at their own pace. Online students also do not to worry about fighting traffic to get to class on time, having to leave work early and missing important family time driving back an forth to a physical location. With course material available online at anytime, students can make an online education work around their schedule rather than make their life work around their schooling.


Ready to explore your options for an online degree?

If you've waited long enough to pursue your education, contact the admissions office at ABTU at 800-804-1388 to learn more about the programs offered at ABTU. We offer an affordable, accredited option for busy individuals who are looking to better themselves through obtaining a college degree online. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

If you'd like to find out more about how you can use an online education to your benefit,

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