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College Should Not Be a Debt Sentence

Lute Atieh
By Lute Atieh - Jun 22, 2015 4:17:00 PM

The Growing Student Loan Debt Bubble Solution

During this election cycle, American citizens are increasingly leaning on politicians to do something about the exploding student loan debt problem.


This rising pressure comes at a time when student loan debt has eclipsed $1.2 trillion in student loans.

If you do the math, this comes out to about $30,000 of debt - per college student.

Many on both sides of the political aisle believe the government isn’t doing enough to help.

This is further highlighted by the fact that since the mid-80s, college costs have increased on average by 300%.


Our Solution to the Student Loan Debt Crisis

As an accredited university, we believe schools have a responsibility to try and find ways for their students to get a quality education that doesn’t break their bank account or create mounds of crippling student loan debt.

Since its founding in 2001, as one of the nation’s premier online universities, American Business & Technology University has been finding innovative ways of providing affordable education alternatives to thousands of degree-seeking students from all walks of life.

Unfortunately though, not all schools (or politicians) share the same sentiment and therefore little has been done up to this point.


In the News

The recent and growing public outcry has led to a legislative resolution being introduced in April to the U.S. House and Senate calling for recognition of the problem, urging that steps be taken to reduce current and future student debt burdens.

Unsurprisingly, this amount of debt has proven to have a profound ripple effect on the economy.

Crushing student loan debt can interfere with a young person's plans to move out, get a car, or buy a house.

New grads may be prevented from opening businesses because of the financial obligations they are already burdened with.

If those loan payments are high enough, not only the student suffers though.

Local businesses feel the pinch too as the graduate is forced to direct their new income towards debt service rather than consumer spending - oftentimes for many years to come.

But while congress is discussing additional measures, there are a select few schools out there doing what they can to try and make a difference.


ABTU is Looking Out for Students First

At American Business & Technology University, we have the goal of delivering to our students an accredited and zero debt education.

We’re able to accomplish this through tapping into a powerful combination of federal pell grants, industry-specific funding sources as well as special needs-based university scholarships and discounts. 

“Knowing where to look to get the most education for your dollar is half the battle,” Lute Atieh, ABTU Chief Operations Officer says.

“We’re glad to help our students find those benefits they qualify for so they can greatly reduce their out-of pocket-costs.”

One such benefit Mr. Atieh is referencing is the ‘Zero Debt Initiative.’ “Many of our students participate in a special program for those who require additional financial assistance.

If you have an adjusted household income of less than $50,000, you may also qualify for our special “Zero Debt Initiative” which will greatly assist you in graduating without student loan debt.”


What You Can Do About It

To find out more about this special program and to speak with a coordinator about your specific financial aid options, get in touch with us.

Give us a call today or click here to visit our website and chat with us live online.

And if you liked reading this article and/or it strikes a nerve with you, let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

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