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If you're reading this, chances are you're a hard worker looking for a competitive edge to get ahead in your workplace.

That specific angle may just be a boost in your resume that focuses on high-demand skills employers the world-over are looking for. These skills, if acheived, can help future-proof your career and also lead to new opportunities otherwise unattainable.

This competitive edge may very well be a shorter term education program such as a technical certification. These short term programs can help fast track your existing career or pave the way toward a more exciting or better paying opportunity in a growing field that interests you.

I've always said, no matter what you decide to do and what degree or area of study you get into, make sure "technology" is at least a minor part of your education and/or training.

Why? The simple reason being, in today's job market, where virtually every career is touched by the latest advances in technology, the upperhand is often given to those that stay current with the times we live in.

Since I know not everyone has had the opportunity to prepare for a future-proof career, we at ABTU have come up with versatile short term certifications to supplement an existing career or help you trailblaze into a new one.  

The credential I keep referring to is known as an "Information Technology Certificate."

An information technology certificate takes about 6 months to complete, and can be acquired 100% online. Also, for those found eligible, federal and state funds are available to make short term certifications a reality for those with financial challenges.

Receiving such a certification as the Information Technology Certificate, from an accredited university like ABTU demonstrates to employers that you have the essential computer skills necessary for today's fast-changing workplace. 


Why Earn an Information Technology Certificate?

Graduates will have a proficiency in Microsoft Office and Excel for example, be able to identify and repair system issues, as well as maintain computer systems on a regular basis, and maintain content on websites.

By understanding the fundamentals of Information Technology, you identify yourself as an versatile and helpful employee who is able to apply your computer skills to a variety of situations and applications.

Employers, who are often not s technoligcally savvy themselves, find these added skills very attractive.Courses in Information Technology teach students a variety of computer programs and tools they will need to be successful in today's jobmarket.


Where Can an Information Technology Certification Take Me?

Having an Information Technology Certification opens doors in entry-level and mid-level jobs in a wide range of fields such as marketing, consulting, web and content management, social media, and computer support.

If you find that you would like to specialize in a technical field, there are a number of a degrees which would add value to your technical certification. You can see a list of our programs here.


More Evidence of Your Need for an Information Technology Background

Keeping certifications current identifies you as a professional and sets you apart from candidates with similar backgrounds or resumes.

The Journal of Information Technology Education found that students pursued certifications for "gaining greater confidence, earning prestige and recognition from colleagues, and being part of a community of certified professionals."

A recent 2014 study confirmed that, "many IT professionals use certifications and job skills to obtain a job, and many IT hiring managers use years of experience and IT certifications as hiring parameters."

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that Information Technology is a growing field that remained stable during the recession.

The Bureau predicts a high demand for services noting, "employment and output in computer systems design and related services are projected to grow rapidly over the next decade, outpacing similar professional, scientific, and technical industries and the economy as a whole."


For more about Information Technology Certifications and how you can benefit from them, please contact us today to speak with one of our helpful representatives.


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