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If you are looking for information about online colleges, the resources found online can be quite confusing. Of primary importance, before enrolling in classes online you should ensure that the online institution you are interested in is properly accredited.

Accreditation is important whether you attend college online or on campus as it proves that an institution meets certain standards required by a governing agency or board.  Without accreditation you may find yourself running into issues when it comes to obtaining financial aid, as well as the quality of instruction at an institution that is not accredited.  

How to determine if your school is accredited

When enrolling in an institution whether it is based online or not, accreditation is extremely important.  Before enrolling in classes at any institution you should ensure that the school is properly accredited so that you do not run into any issues with financial aid when it comes to paying for your education.  

How do I find out if my institution is properly accredited?

In your quest to find out if a potential online school is accredited you should first check the US Department of Education's database which lists accredited post secondary institutions and programs.  This database offers a large amount of information about each institution's accreditation.

Another option is to research regional accreditation organizations to see if the online school that you are interested in attending is listed.  

If you strike out in terms of finding out accreditation information through these two methods you can also check to see if there are any specialized accreditation organizations that pertain to the specialized program that you are interested in pursuing.  

Accreditation Is Important For Transfer Credits 

Not only is accreditation important in terms of quality of education and financial aid, it is also important when it comes to transferring credits to another education.  If your online college is not properly accredited the institution where you are transferring may not accept any of your transfer credits.  This can mean that your hard work from the previous institution could offer no value at other institutions.

Regional Online Accreditation Authorities

Online schools that are fully accredited are typically recognized by one of the following regional accreditation boards, which also offer accreditation to traditional colleges.

Additional Accreditation Bodies

The Council for Higher Education Accreditation as well as the US Department of Education also recognize the Distance Education and Training Council as a reputable body that evaluates institutions that offer online programs.



Accredited Online Education at ABTU

American Business and Technology University (ABTU) is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting CommissionAccrediting Commission (DEAC) in Washington, DC. DEAC is a U.S. Department of Education Recognized National Accrediting Agency.

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Accreditation is one of several important factors you should consider when choosing an online college.
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