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"For those of you needing to take your education and expertise to another level, we are excited to offer you the same competitive advantage you need to accel in today's rapidly evolving job market, now at the bachelor's level."

When our bachelor’s program was first launched back in 2013, there were only a select few program options to choose from and limited funding sources available.

In fact, due to regulatory requirements, Federal Student Aid (Federal Pell Grant) was unfortunately not an available option for bachelor level programs for the first two years of our new offerings.


Well, the required two years has passed, and today we are pleased to announce... 


The long wait is over!


See the 6 Bachelor Level Programs Now Being Offered at ABTU Below



ABTU Bachelor's (BAS) Programs:




In addition to a wide array of associate level programs, ABTU is proud to now offer you six bachelor level programs, including several new areas of study such as accounting and marketing.


Equally exciting for our students is the fact that Federal Pell Grants for bachelor's programs are also now available.


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These programs are all designed to complement our current associate degree programs (AAS) and allow for easy transition from one level of degree to the next.


(If you are a current or previous student of ABTU and you earned your AAS, your degree will automatically be accepted and no credits lost if you enter a similar area of study.)


But even if you are not interested in pursuing a bachelor's degree, you still have the opportunity to add additional concentrations and areas of study to your associate degree.


(For students in Health Information Technology you can also transfer to a partner institution with that includes a guaranteed transfer of your entire associate degree at a discounted tuition rate.)


Again, all available funding sources are approved for use with ABTU's bachelors programs.


"Anything from the FAFSA to GI BILL, we've got your bachelor's degree covered."


And don't forget, our Zero Debt Initiative applies to all programs as well. This means those who qualify can complete their desired degree at ABTU without taking on large amounts of student loan debt by using available grants, scholarships and discounts.


ABTU also offers Alumni Scholarships, and ABTU AAS graduates can also qualify for a 10% discount that can be passed on to spouses and dependants.


If you are interested in furthering your education and exploring our zero debt tuition options, please click below to fill out a short form on the next page and a member of our staff will reach out to you and send you more information related to your interests.


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